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Monday, February 1, 2021

Places to visit in Texas


Things To Do In Texas


Texas, being the second largest state in the United States, is fully jammed and loaded with endless possibilities for fun and adventure. With its diverse geography and culture, Texas offers its visitors a plethora of unique attractions and things to do. The cities, exotic beaches, mountains, deserts are a few of the extensive vacation possibilities that the state has.


One of the best vacation and rental websites,, has put together the top 8 things to do and places to visit while in Texas. So, for ideas on where to go, what to see, and to know what experiences await you, read through this list of ours. 


1. Visit The Nasa Space Center

Are you into astronomy? Houston hosts the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center- a $1.5 billion worth complex over 1620 acres of land. Inside the space Center, you will come across 400 space artifacts, permanent and temporary exhibits, theatres, and many more attractions related to America’s remarkable human space flight program. You can touch actual rocks of the moon inside the Lunar Vault. If you have kids along, this place will give you the best experiences.


2. Walk Along The San Antonio’s Riverwalk

The San Antonio River Walk is located in the city's heart and is lined with beautiful restaurants and dreamy outdoor patios. You can sit alongside the river, dine, and even have a leisurely cruise on a riverboat. The walkway winds and weaves itself through the lanes of the city while hugging the river, and you can have a pleasant walk. The best place to visit for a peaceful and satisfying experience.


3. Go On A Hike To Gorman Falls

This 60 feet waterfall gushing into a fern-filled grotto will blow your mind away. Placed at the Colorado Bench State Park, you have to hike for about 1.5 miles to reach here. A breathtaking experience this is. Hiking enthusiasts will love it here.


4. Have Fun At Six Flags Fiesta

This theme park is wound around 200 acres and offers all experiences that will mesmerize your kids. This place is filled with roller coasters, entertaining shows, and fun activities for both adults and kids. Restaurants serving delicious food are all over the place, so you can catch a bite and stop by souvenir shops to gather some collectibles.


5. Experience The Magic At Enchanted Rock

This is the second-largest granite dome in the U.S. If you want to spend some time stargazing those big and bright Texas stars, this is an ideal place. But that is not all. The coolest feature of this enormous pink batholith is that native tribes once believed the rock to be haunted, and the legend says that anyone who stays overnight becomes invisible. Tune yourself in for some Harry Potter experience.


6. Lay On The Sandy Beaches At Padre Island

Padre is the world’s longest barrier island, positioned along the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Its white sandy beaches are one of a kind. As one among popular listing sites, we will help you find unique vacation rentals from where you can stare at the colorful and dreamy sunset or walk to and lie on the sandy beaches. You can go deep-sea fishing here too.


8. Get Artistic At Cadillac Ranch

This is a public art and sculpture installation. Associated with a remarkable history, this place covered in graffiti, and all visitors are welcome to leave their unique mark! Carry some spray paint with you, and don’t forget to snap some pictures- the reason being whatever you create at Cadillac Ranch might last only a few hours before someone else creates their art.


These are just a few of the many attractions this incredible place has to offer you. The right place for accommodation will add to your vacation joy.

Browse through our website, one of the popular listing sites, for some best vacation rentals while you are visiting Texas and experience the beauty of this place.


Sunday, January 31, 2021

Louisville Kentucky's Best Kept Secret


Top 9 Things to Do in Louisville, Kentucky


If you are looking for a wonderful time in a southern city of the United States, Just south of the Mason-Dixon line. Louisville is meant for you. Being the biggest city in Kentucky, Louisville will entertain people who love an urban ambiance and enjoy a rural aura. A trip to this city of neighborhood’s is easily accessible is affordable as well. To help you with your vacation plans, one of your best vacation and rental websites,, has picked some fantastic stuff to do in Louisville, Kentucky. Read on. 



1.      Adventuring at Louisville Mega Cavern- The Louisville Mega Cavern is the largest complex in the city of Kentucky. Carrying a lot of history, this place is more than a cave. This attraction offers unique adventurous experiences with its underground zip-lining course, bike park, tram tour, and a lot more. Do not miss the two-hour adventure Mega Zips and the Mega Tram tour to learn about the geology and history of this place.


2.      Horse Riding at Churchill Downs and Kentucky Derby Museum- Louisville’s Churchill Downs, is the epitome of professional horse riding and home to the Kentucky Derby Museum. The Kentucky Derby is believed to be the longest-running sporting event in the United States. There is an active racing course you can tour and cheer your favorite horse and jockey! After that, go to the Kentucky Derby Museum, which is all about the history of horse racing.


3.      Chilling at Frankfort Avenue- Frankfort Avenue connects many charming and historical locations of Louisville. This place hosts plenty of restaurants serving delicious food, local boutiques, and art galleries for you to explore and have fun. If you are interested in fun-filled experiences, do visit this place because here, you can jump onto a trolley, enjoy live music and refreshments. 


4.      Relaxing at Louisville Waterfront Park- If you are a nature-loving person, this place is for you. Louisville Waterfront Park and the Big 4 Bridge are open all day. The Bridge is open for walking and cycling only, so take a stroll and get some exercise. By walking across the bridge, you will be in Indiana. There is plenty to do there as well. An enjoyable place where you can charter a boat and go fishing, rent a bike, and dance at concerts on the Louisville side.


5.      Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory- America’s favorite pastime is the Louisville Slugger. If you are a sports freak or a baseball fan, you are in for incredible experiences. At the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, you will learn how the bats were made and how they have influenced American History. Make sure to visit Louisville Slugger Field in Downtown, which is home to Louisville’s minor league baseball team, the Louisville Bats.


6.      Bourbon Tasting at Evan Williams Bourbon Experience: Get a guided tour of this place in downtown city. Louisville enjoys a strong history with this type of whiskey. Here, you get to see the first-hand preparation of bourbon in copper pot stills. Give your soul a treat with some bourbon! If you really want to check out some bourbon Spend a day a take The Bourbon Trail.


7.      Some Learning at Muhammad Ali Centre- Did you know that Louisville is the hometown of the world-famous boxer Muhammad Ali? The Muhammad Ali Centre will be a great learning experience if you are traveling with your kids. Inside the complex, there will be numerous displays of memorabilia, pictures, and historical footage to tell the legend’s story, controversies, and the impact he had on American history.


8.      Excitement at Kentucky Science Centre- Another stunning museum to add to your Louisville bucket list is the Kentucky Science Centre. It will be one of the top experiences for everyone curious about science. This place will unlock your mind to the world of space. Combining excitement with education, this place will blow your mind.



9.      LYNN Stadium Do you love soccer. We have the 2 times USL National Champion Louisville City FC. Lynn Family Stadium is a soccer-specific stadium in the Butcher town neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky, United States. It has hosted Louisville City FC of the USL Championship since it opened in 2020 and will become home to Racing Louisville FC of the National Women's Soccer League in 2021.


Hop onto a plane and unwind yourself at this beautiful place. As one of many popular listing sites, we have a collection of beautiful vacation rentals where you can stay while visiting this place. Scroll through our website to choose from amazing vacation rentals in Louisville. 


Monday, January 25, 2021

Dreams & Wanderlust

 The One Stop For Your Dreams And Wanderlust 

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Vacations are all about filling the jar of your life with stories and experiences, not with some random stuff to show to others. But have you had your dream vacation yet? Do you find planning a vacation exhausting? With various travel agencies and options in the travel market around, planning a proper vacation is a mind game nowadays. But here we are, to help you out! We at are committed to offering you the best in vacationing. Be it a solo trip or a family vacation; we deliver the best of travel experiences that you will remember for a lifetime. We are definitely one of the best vacation rental websites you can find on popular listing sites. 

What makes special? We are not one of the typical travel agencies out there. Our vacation plans are filled with everything you have been dreaming about for your ideal holiday, from hiking, parachuting, horseback riding, cruises, scuba diving, yacht trips, 

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Myrtle Beach Experiences

Things to do in Myrtle Beach

Jimmy Buffet, the famous American singer of Come Monday, once said-“If there is a heaven for me, I am sure it has a beach attached to it”. No one really can tell how heaven looks like but a place where the beautiful land meets the enormous ocean. Isn’t it supposed to be something close to what he portrayed? 

Myrtle Beach at the South Atlantic coast of South Carolina is not far from the portrayal of Jimmy. Being one of the most loved beaches of the entire USA, Myrtle exhibits about 60 miles of never-ending gorgeous coastal line with nutmeg colored sand. 

The options are multitudinous at the Grand Strand, but a few things that you should not miss upon coming to this place are:

  1. Joining the Ocean

If you love the thrill, you will just love this place. There are innumerable varieties of sports and activities, and all are waiting for your trial. Jet ski, dolphin cruise, banana rides, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, surfing, downwind parasailing, lifted fly-boarding, kite-surfing, or paddle boarding. The ocean is a lot of fun. There are many companies with numerous offerings. 

If not, just take a dip or relax your body with the sitting temperatures of the sun. One should not be missing out on treating their eyes with the beautiful sunrise at the beach when the sand possesses perfect temperature, and the wind carries the freshness of the morning. And to capture such a moment, people always choose to stay at the beachside or in the walkable distance from it. Where happily offers a place to stay or rent to bring comfortable solutions to your problems.

  1. Broadway at the Beach

Since you have come to the beach, the 23-acre lake Broadway where the Broadway becomes a must-visited place. It has a long array of activities to entertain all kinds of tourists. Shopping arenas, dine and drink places, attraction and entertainment venues, and a lot of family-focused activities like fireworks, magic shows, dance performances, comedy shows, and theatres. 

  1. Trying your hand at Golfers paradise

In total, the golfer’s paradise has 88 golf courses to provide a good chance for every golf lover to showcase their precision and skills. The mini ones have always turned out to be great fun for families, and it fits into the pocket also. The thoughtfully designed structure has sets of challenges and creatures to add extra amusement. Whereas, the bigger ones are often brought in lights by magazines and local newspapers. Myrtle Beach has also been awarded by calling it the Golf capital of the world.

  1. Indulging with Nature

Yes, the place is known for the elegant beauty of its beaches. But no, mother nature does not stop at the beaches to showcase its magic. It has some more surprises for nature lovers. The Brook green garden offers a beautiful botanical garden, American sculptures, and zoo. Taking a stroll at Conway Riverwalk will provide you with peace looking at the black water at one side and an interesting small town at the other. There is also the unbeaten beauty of Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk, which is a half-a-mile boarded wood walk at the heart of the city where you can enjoy waterfront dining, events, and live music. 

  1. Vineyards and wineries

La Belle Amie Vineyard, which is often known as the Home of Twisted Sisters wines, is located at Little River in Carolina’s. It is a very popular destination among visitors because of its unique style of bottle labeling. You may find the Sugar Daddy, Pick Me, Or Pick Me written on the label with a brief description of the wine, of course. 

Then there is a comparatively small but winsome Vineyard called Graceful Sisters Vineyard. They are offering bed and breakfast with accommodations in the vicinity of the vineyard, a perfect escape for the ones looking for a calm and peaceful getaway with a glass of wine in their hand.

Carolina Vineyards Winery is located around Barefoot Landing, which is a popular hotspot for tourists. The vinery is a budget-friendly way of treating your palate with some interesting wine compositions. 

  1. Amusement parks, Water parks and The Sky Wheel

The 187 feet high Sky Wheel is the 6th tallest Sky Wheel in the entire United States. Imagine the scenic beauty of The Grand Strand and the ocean from that height. And wonder if you get to see the entire city in the warm orange light of the sunset. Mesmerizing, isn't it? It is kid-friendly as the kids who need time to attain the required height will get trained attendants to take care of them. 

Family Kingdom Amusement Park is said to be the best of the Amusement parks of the locality. You can try splash rides, wave swimming, drop towers, roller coasters, go-karts, bumper cars, and other thrilling possibilities in large numbers. Well, who does not like free stuff? You can enjoy face painting, stilt walkers, magic shows, and other ongoing activities for no cost at all.

Next is Myrtle Waves Water Park. It is the largest of its kind water park, entertaining and amusing its visitors for more than three decades. Want to enjoy the swim with no sand getting into your hair and body? Do not wait to get into this water park. You must try the Racing River(following at 250mph), flow rider wave pool, swimming at the wave pool, tall and elongated slides for extra fun.

  1. Barefoot Landing

Barefoot Landing offers a long list of engaging activities for your entertainment. You have plenty of stalls and shops which have several renowned and local brands of items for you to shop from. If you are interested in some attractions, there is a T.I.G.E.R.S/Preservation Station, which allows tourists to play with and take photos with tiger cubs by keeping the safety and well-being of both the sides, Mirror-Maze and the Alligator Adventure. 

Your day might be over by now, but the evening is still young. So, you must go to The house of blues or the Alabama Theatre. By the time you will finish with it, it will be a good time to try Myrtle Beach Ghost Walk in the late evening. 

  1. Carolina Opry And Ripley’s

The Carolina Opry boasts a few of the biggest and best shows off Myrtle Beach. It has four productions of itself, which features classic and catchy tunes. From the famous acts of popular television reality shows to the raw and enthralling performances of musicians, dancers, singers, and comedians, this place has everything to make every single penny of your money spent worth it. 

Ripley’s family of entertainment products are always fun. The Ripley’s Aquarium gives an inside view of the oceanic habitats. Ripley’s is a home for some bizarre items to blow your mind. Also, they have mirror-maze, haunted laser-tag, and a 5-D theatre shows on another level.

The place is a mecca for vacationers. As all of it is a must-try and the clock moves fast towards the end of the day here. We at bring you the best of vacation homes, timeshare rentals, and various other vacation properties to stay in perfect locations. Or if you have a place suited for such purpose, you can get it listed also through our dedicated website as well.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Vacation Rentals, Homes, Experiences & More

           dreambuyrent Experiences connects local tour and activity providers with travelers who want to experience unique tours that they can’t book anywhere else. There is increasing demand for more authentic tours and experiences. We Offer a platform for you to create niche tours that allow travelers to enjoy their hobbies and interests, in a completely new way and in a completely new culture, Any where in the world, One of the biggest  Travel Sites  charges a whopping 20 percent to advertise and share your experience that you love to do

Here are a few of the 1,2,3 of Experiences

  • Experiences are led by locals and go beyond the traditional tours and experiences that typical tour and activity providers offer.
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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Vacation Property Management

Get Listing, Start Earning with

Vacation Property Management team that helps you put more money in your pocket, Pay off your mortgage, pay off bills, or just go on that next big adventure, Share any space or your entire space while your away, It is totally free to create your listing and the first 30 days with validation is also free to try our our service, Then as low as $3.99 per month
Why should you list with us:
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Other Benefits:  
                        We secure validated guest conformations with a email address and other information
Listing with  in theses easy steps:
1) List your space
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A lot of clients ask how should i choose my listing price
The Price you charge is completely up to you, Too get a idea on what the market in your area rent's for, You can easy do a market search on comparable vacation rental's 
Additional fees may also be added to your listing such as cleaning fees, Pet policy, and even choose a busy season fee. It does not stop at just vacation rentals, Even if you have a timeshare that you are not using this year or the next, You may choose to rent the week out. Say you wish to sell a home it even gets better List your property for only $3.99 per month and we will do the marketing
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Sunday, September 29, 2019

For Sale By Owner

    Attention Home Owner's ( Your Right's)
A lot of people who are selling Their home's right now are doing so because they’re changing jobs or changing lifestyles and they’re selling by owner because they know it’s going to immediately save them 5-6 percent on commission costs,  Indeed, without a real estate agent you could lower your asking price by up to 6 percent to comparable listings in your community and help sell your house faster. or what a lot of people are choosing to do is rent out their home's by downsizing first and turning to a Vacation Property Management Team to rent out there home's  Indeed, some homeowners still require the help of realtor's to sell their home. Among them: those who can’t be physically on site to show their property and those not comfortable selling or promoting their houses, Weather you own a house,selling or buying It is very important to know if you have mineral rights
You should also ask a realtor or two to stop by for a comparative market analysis. Most don’t charge for this service, Advertising your home in the local news paper and craigslist is a good start but your definitely going to need a nation wide advertising firm to help with potential buyers 
If You choose to sell your home on your own, Here are the following steps you can make
1)    Get your buyers prequalified or preapproved.

2)    work with a lawyer or title company during the closing, to ensure both you and the buyer have a legal representative 

3)      The cost benefit of selling your home on your own makes it worth considering if you can afford to wait for a buyer, and you are prepared to market your home effectively and aren’t afraid to do the legwork yourself.

Also to consider if you own a time share and do not use, You may want to rent it out through this great marketing team

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Bed & Breakfast
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