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Sunday, September 29, 2019

For Sale By Owner

    Attention Home Owner's ( Your Right's)
A lot of people who are selling Their home's right now are doing so because they’re changing jobs or changing lifestyles and they’re selling by owner because they know it’s going to immediately save them 5-6 percent on commission costs,  Indeed, without a real estate agent you could lower your asking price by up to 6 percent to comparable listings in your community and help sell your house faster. or what a lot of people are choosing to do is rent out their home's by downsizing first and turning to a Vacation Property Management Team to rent out there home's  Indeed, some homeowners still require the help of realtor's to sell their home. Among them: those who can’t be physically on site to show their property and those not comfortable selling or promoting their houses, Weather you own a house,selling or buying It is very important to know if you have mineral rights
You should also ask a realtor or two to stop by for a comparative market analysis. Most don’t charge for this service, Advertising your home in the local news paper and craigslist is a good start but your definitely going to need a nation wide advertising firm to help with potential buyers 
If You choose to sell your home on your own, Here are the following steps you can make
1)    Get your buyers prequalified or preapproved.

2)    work with a lawyer or title company during the closing, to ensure both you and the buyer have a legal representative 

3)      The cost benefit of selling your home on your own makes it worth considering if you can afford to wait for a buyer, and you are prepared to market your home effectively and aren’t afraid to do the legwork yourself.

Also to consider if you own a time share and do not use, You may want to rent it out through this great marketing team

If your in the vacation mode, Here are a few beautiful properties that home owners have listed with our firm
                        Cabin rentals
Bed & Breakfast
Home over looking Ocean

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